Review of the Generation Clay™ Ultra Violet Brightening Clay Mask from my FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box!

I love a good mask and I use them to relax, when my skin really needs one or to just feel taken care of by putting a 3 minute one while I’m brushing my teeth before the school run. I love sheet masks the most as I love the instant boost of hydration they provide.

I was very excited however to receive the Generation Clay mask from my FabFitFun (which I reviewed in my earlier post). I love the colour, the ingredients sounded great and I was intrigued by the claims of hydrating and rejuvenating my skin!

Generation Clay Ultraviolet Brightening purple clay mask review- Ukbeautygems

Ingredients and claims

It is packed with hydrating desert lime, cleansing betonite clay, rejuvenating davidson plum, and aloe vera, the mask claims to revitalise dull, tired skin for a brighter complexion which I am all for! It is also good for evening out skin tone

With the deep cleansing properties of clay masks ( second ingredient in the product) in general I was glad to see Aloe Vera as the third ingredient in the list to soothe and hydrate my skin hopefully not leaving it feeling stripped or tight! It is also Paraben free, vegan, and cruelty-free

Generation Clay Ultraviolet Brightening purple clay mask texture shot- Ukbeautygems

Application, texture scent.

This mask has a slippy clay feel that allows for an easy and even thin application all over the face. I just used my fingers and it worked fine. It has a strange citrusy but earthy clay scent but it goes away (or you just get used to it) once you have applied the mask.

The process.

You apply an even thin layer to clean dry skin. Wait 10 minutes or until mask feels tight and then wash off with water massaging skin in circular motions.

It starts drying down quite quickly as it is quite a wet texture (but not runny or thin). As you apply it to your skin you can see that the parts you applied to first start drying down so it is a fast acting mask.

The mask starts drying down quite quickly but not evenly and it does have quite a cooling and tingly feel to it which I would describe as something you will be very aware of but it isn’t uncomfortable.

When it is completely dry it almost looks chalky and whitish (ghost face for sure) and movements or talking and you do notice the mask starts to crack.

Washing the mask off was super easy which I really appreciated. Splashing on water and massaging the skin in circular motions with little effort rehydrates the clay mask and turns it into a milky emulsion which is a doddle to rinse away.

Final thoughts.

My skin feels very smooth and bright after using this mask and although it doesn’t make the dry patches on my skin miraculously disappear, my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable and using hydrating mists and creams give my skin a beautiful glow after. If it is difficult to get your hands on this particular clay mask I am sure other clay masks with nourishing and hydrating ingredients will work just as well and there are many on the market in all different colours!

Where can I get my hands on this? Deals and offers linked below!

This is available to the UK at for £37 including duties and taxes and they currently have 20% off your entire purchase using the discount code SHOP20

Also available from Amazon £22.99 for 60g or the larger 100g for £38.99

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