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FabFitFun Now in the UK! Summer Box 2019. My experience and what I got in my first ever BOX!

I have had box envy for years when it came to the FabFitFun box, it has everything a girl like me could ever want and for an amazing price! I watched numerous un-boxings on Youtube (as you do to punish yourself unnecessarily!) and was always impressed with the range of lifestyle, beauty and fitness full sized products which made this a unique stand out box. Once I heard that they were going to be launching in the UK I was beyond ecstatic and my fingers were at the ready to fill out my details and make a purchase! The fact that this box is in collaboration with the Eva Longoria Foundation which helps young women reach their full potential, made it even more special.

#FabFitFun packaging Summer 2019. Ukbeautygems

The Ordering Process.

Was simple and easy. First you become a member by filling in all your details including address and billing details. For $49.99 each season, you’ll get the box filled with 8-10 full-sized, premium products valued at over $200. You then get the option of customising what you will recieve on select items, other items everyone recieves and some products only a select members get to customize if you upgrade your subscription otherwise they are chosen for you. How much you pay is clear and postage to the uk is $10 which is not bad at all. Customs and taxes are all paid and made clear when you checkout so there are no nasty surprises on delivery.

#FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box. Ukbeautygems


Once you pay for your subscribtion (which you can cancel at any time) a very time bomb ticking clock appears giving you an hour to go ahead and customise what you want in your box! I am not going to lie this wasnt great for my anxiety and although I already knew what I wanted I became flustered and confused. An hour is enogh time to select 3 products from 3 different catagories but if your like me, take acup of tea with you and breath!

Delivery and packaging.

#FabFitFun box Summer 2019 packaging

It took a couple of weeks to get here which wasn’t too bad. The beautiful, bright and summery packaging by Kayla Krainock made it worth the wait! It arrived in good shape and the products were carefully placed so it all arrived perfectly. It comes with an accompanying magazine full of great tips and product details which is a helpful addition.

What I chose!

as a member you choose 3 products from 3 categories. There is an additional category for upgrade members which if you are not a part of the selection is made for you. There are also 5 full size products everyone receives! So here are my choices and why. i will do a follow up review of all of the products once I have used them enough!

Photo credit FabFitFun website.

Catagory 1: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream and Brazilian 4play moisturising shower cream gel. RRP $45

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream and Brazilian 4play moisturising shower cream gel. Ukbeautygems.

This selection was a no brainer for me. Yes the dressing gown is pretty, the hairdryer is practical and the lotus gown is unique and gorgeous but this beautiful shower gel cream and body butter were just too good to miss out on. I have tried this already in the travel size set from cultbeauty which I loved and enjoyed using. It leaves my skin really moisturised and smooth whilst enveloping me with a strong tropical scent that ligers all day!

Catagory 2: 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask. RRP $160

111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask. Ukbeautygems

I love masks of all kinds and this pack of 5 luxury masks are exactly the kind I like! They feature a 24 karat gold and Rose Damascena extract to brighten to brighten, soothe an dehydrate your skin. Eva Alexandrides co-founder of the bran recommends using this mask on thoroughly cleansed skin for best results. I can’t wait to try these masks and I know they will be a great way to prep the skin before makeup on those special occasions.

Catagory 3: Burn 60 Resisitance Bands $34

#FabFitFun Summer Box 2019 Burn resistance bands.

So for this selection I decided to try something new. I am trying to get back into fitness, mostly increasing my daily steps and doing more yoga which I find is relaxing but also a great way to get a great work out. As I want to up my work out game I thought these resistance bands would be a great way to do that. They come in different resistance levels and you can use them individually and work your way up to combining them!

Items chosen for me:

#FabFitFun Summer Box 2019. Ukbeautygems

1- Eyeko London Eye Do Black Liquid Eyeliner rrp $22

I have tried the slimmer version of this felt tip eyeliner. Although felt tip liners in a pen form are not usually my favourite, I am willing to give this a another try as I love the intense black pigment and this has the added benefit of a tripeptide boost to promote lash growth which I am all for!

2-Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish rrp $57

I like a micro polish now and again for a good exfoliation. I am really pleased to see that this contains biodegradable plant based jojoba beads which are not only great for the skin but good for the environment too!

In Every Box:

#FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box In every box: Grace and Stella Rose facial spray, Generation clay ultraviolet clay mask, Invisibobble, Whish exfoliationg foot mask. Ukbeautygems

Invisibobble Original Duo pack rrp $16

I have very thick, coarse curly hair and so this looks promising. It claims to have a good grip while leaving your hair kink free. What more could you need from a hair bobble?

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay mask rrp $39

Before anything else this mask just looks intriguing and the colour is absolutely stunning. This Clay Mask is packed with Davidson plum that helps rejuvenate dull skin but also boosts hydration. Having dry dehydrated skin this sounds a saviour for me! It also sounds perfect if you’ve been out in the sun too much.

Grace and Stella Rose Facial Spray rrp $25.95

I love a good face mist and this rose spray os full of hydrating ingredients like aloe leaf water, rose flower extract and hamamelis extract. It also has hydrogenated castor oil which is sure to give you a dewy glow! It smells really refreshing and not too overpowering if you don’t love rose scented products. It sprays a really nice fine and even mist which I love!

Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask rrp $32

With the summer season here I am super excited about trying out this product! I have never come across an exfoliating mask like this. I know about the foot sock mask but this seems gentler and easier to work with. The instructions state that you simply apply it all over your feet, put on a pair of fluffy socks, let it do its magic overnight and rinse off in the morning! Hoping for softer more even toned feet lets see if it lives up to its magic!

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this box and I am so pleased with the products I received and the service from beginning to end. The products in this box came to a total of $430.95 which is a bargain! The fact that you not only get all full sized products but that you also have some control about what you will receive in the box makes this a truly special subscription box. The amount you pay for delivery and taxes are not too bad but also there are no hidden surprises upon delivery which gave me peace of mind. I love the fact that this is packed with all your summer essentials. Having dehydrated dry skin I am over the moon at the amount of hydrating and rejuvenating products in this box. It has just put me in a more positive mindset for self care which has been this years goal. I now have no more excuses not to pamper myself a little more! Heres to new summer beginnings!

Please note this is not a Sponsored post and I purchased this box for myself! Comment below to let me know which products you would like a full in depth review of!

Where can I get this? Deals and offers

You can head over to the FabFitFun website

Use this referral link to get $10 off your first box

or use code SUMMER10 for $10 if you would prefer not to use the link above!

WITHLOVE40 for 40% off the summer box while stocks last!

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