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Review of the Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator! With Texture swatch and skin swatches!

If you have sensitive skin and you are worried about using exfoliators (but you still need that step in your routine to address some of your skin concerns) then this delicate but efficient exfoliator is for you! This a gel based relaxing and gentle exfoliator that leaves my skin velvety soft and smooth. Why I love this exfoliator so much is that every time I use it my skin has a healthy glow to it.

YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator Texture shot.-Ukbeautygems.

It preps my skin beautifully for makeup allowing my products to glide on effortlessly. There are no abrasive particles, no srubby bits or harsh acids so if you like your exfoliators to have a bit of muscle this probably isn’t for you. Having said that it would work really well as an in between treatment to give your skin a break and a more gentle and soothing exfoliation.

YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator Texture shot.-Ukbeautygems.

Consistency, Application and Packaging

The packaging is sleek and vey fancy as you would expect from high end brands with the chic black tube and gold logo, which I don’t mind at all!

YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator Texture shot and swatches.-Ukbeautygems.

This has a very thick sticky honey like consistent that is applied onto dry skin and massaged until it becomes a thin oil on the face which indicates that your skin has been exfoliated. You then add water and massage your skin which then emulsifies the product into a milky consistency and then you rinse off or use a wash/ muslin cloth for a bit of extra exfoliation. All this massaging really gets your blood flowing and gives your skin a beautiful flush whilst the exfoliation gives it a nice glow. This process is much like a solid or oil cleanser.


This works well on my dry patches without leaving them raw or over exfoliated. Although we expect to see instant results from exfoliators, I feel that this one gives a much more longer lasting and sustainable result. It has a very cumulative effect in terms of exfoliation. It clears out skin impurities and helps with dry patches gently. It gets rid of loose flaky skin without stripping my skin, leaving it smooth and comfortable. It has a beautiful perfume fragrance like most of the YSL products but doesn’t break me out, however in general I do prefer skincare products that aren’t fragranced. My skin is silky smooth, brighter and has a great glow to it after just one use!

YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator Texture shot.-Ukbeautygems.

Final Thoughts

This non grainy exfoliator is rich in essential trace elements and vitamins which leaves my skin brighter and smoother. I don’t really use a primer as part of my makeup routine and so this exfoliator preps my skin ready for smooth application of makeup. This was my first ever luxury skincare purchase way back when (and I mean way back!) and so for me this holds a very nostalgic place in my heart. However I will say that it is a very expensive product for what it does. I love the results theres no denying it and I have repurchased this product whenever I could afford it and when I missed it. For a light weight exfoliator like me this is what my skin loves and even when I need a deeper exfoliation I will alternate.

If you can afford it I would give it a go. If you know of a similar product that is more budget friendly I would love your recommendations!


Offers in the UK

This is available in most department stores rrp £34.00 for 75ml so its up there in price and I haven’t found many deals!

John Lewis currently has this on price match with 10% of now £30.60

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