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Wet n Wild in the UK! Review and swatches of the New Color Icon palettes in Rosé In The Air and Nude Awakenings!

I have always been obsessed with Wet n Wild and loved watching all the reviews and swatches on YouTube. I bought the first eight pan Color Icon palettes on amazon and loved their consistency and the layout in clear sections of which colour should be applied on the lid, crease and brow. They still created some stunning looks and were great when used with other palettes. As a makeup novice I loved playing around with these palettes and was really over the moon with the formula. My only issue was that they lacked mattes so all the options from the lid to the brow were satin and soft metallics.

With the new Color Icon 10 pan palettes not only do they have a range of finishes, the layout gives you options and creates stunning complete looks with variety. At only £6 each rrp these are great value for money and available from BeautyBay in the UK. So lets get into the review and swatches!


Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan eyeshadow Palette in Rosé in the Air and Nude Awakenings

The plastic packaging with the clear lids haven’t changed much from the old palettes and although I have major packaging weakness, I would rather money be invested into the formulation and pigmentation of the product then the packaging. That being said, I do wish these were a little more sturdy and had a mirror which would make it a perfect travel companion. I am really glad that there isn’t the useless addition of a brush or sponge tip applicator (I always leave them sitting there or loose them along the way!) I do appreciate that I can easily pick out the palette I want to use with little fuss or checking name labels. What you see is quite literally what you get!

Formulation, Pigmentation and Staying power

Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan eyeshadow Palette in Rosé in the Air and Nude Awakenings

Overall I am really pleased with the fornula accross the two palettes. There are a couple of shades that aren’t the best but still workable. Theres a matte that is a little stiff to the touch and a little patchy but still blends out nicely and some of the shimmers are a little chunky. The satins are smooth and beautiful and the mattes are buttery and creamy.

The pigmentation is absolutely amazing and they colours swatch true to how they look. The matte black is insanely dark, and the deep colours are rich in tone for beautiful sultry and smokey looks. The satins really a give your looks a pop of colour. These look great all day I always use a primer and haven’t noticed much fading when I wear it for a full day out.

Rosé In The Air

This is a beautiful warm toned palette with two satins and eight matte shades. It has stunning magentas, beautiful browns and orange toned shades. I love the larger transition pans which I use al over the lid and in the crease. The deep colours are rich and I love that it has a creamy colour which completes every look beautifully. This palette does remind me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette in Modern Renaissance

Rosé in the Air Swatches!

Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Swatches

Transition 1 (Top of the palette)- Is a neutral beigy brown Matte. Very smooth and buttery

1- Warm orangey-brown matte with a smooth buttery texture. Applies beautifully both in the crease and on the lid.

2- Soft warm reddish-orange brown. This did kick up a bit of dust but with a little work blended out nicely.

3- Mid-toned berry magenta. This is a dry, dusty matte that’s a bit difficult to blend out and apply. But a lovely colour!

4- Deep warm chocolatey matte brown. Smooth and pigmented builds up well.

5- On my medium tan skin this is a warm toned light cream (will come up more beige on lighter skin tones). A soft buttery matte that applies beautifully.

6-Mid-tone champagney-gold. Has a frosted sheen to it. Builds up well very smooth and soft to the touch

7-Cool toned mauve with a sheer matte finish but buildable.

8-Muted reddish brown with a coppery shine. Satin. Sooth but takes building up.

Transition 2 (Bottom of palette) – Is a warm camel brown Matte. Smooth and buttery.

Nude Awakenings

If your’e new to makeup and building up your collection this is a great one for neutral lovers and has everything for soft daytime looks and sultry smokey night out looks. The matte black in here is absolutely stunning and it has a mixture of mattes, shimmers and a few frosty bits! It can create quite a few different looks but if your brighter and bolder than me then maybe this might be a pass for you!

Nude awakenings Swatches

Wet n Wild Nude Awakenings swatches

  7 metallic medium copper, 8 matte medium-deep reddish brown,

Transition 1- Deep matte neutral brown. Buildable colour.

1- Shimmery light rose gold a little chunky but does work on the lids beautifully.

2- Light peachy-ivory shimmer. This one is very chunky and hard to work with.

3-Warm champagne peach with a soft sheen. Unfortunately this is also a little chunky and takes some work to show on the lid.

4- Matte warm ivory (shows up more beige on lighter skin tones) this is a lovely smooth velvety matte.

5- Deep matte black. This one is very pigmented and a little goes a long way.

6- Satin aubergine brown. This is semi opaque but build-able.

7- Deep burgundy brown matte. I love this colour for a smokey look! It is smooth and applies well.

8. Peachy copper shimmer. Very smooth and pigmented

Transition 2- cool toned matte medium taupe. Smooth and buttery

Final thoughts

These are great little palettes for on the go and if you have a tight budget. They create some great looks and are really pretty. There are a few duds in these palettes but you can still make them work. I love the Rosé in the Air as I always go for warmer toned palettes but I have been pleasantly surprised by the use I am getting out of the more cooler toned Nude Awakenings.

There are other colours in the range which are brighter. Do you have any of the Color Icon palettes and do you prefer the old or the newer versions?

Where can I get my hands on this? (Including offers)

Boots currently have these palettes for £5.99 Buy 1 get 2nd Half Price.

BeautyBay stock a great range of Wet n Wild Products. Keep a look out for discounts and sales as they usually have offers on these palettes.

Amazon have the palettes for £3.92 (check postal fees)

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