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Review and texture swatches of my go to Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour skin saviours! Living my best skin life!

When my skin needs intense nourishment and targeted healing and hydration the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream range is my go to. The names of the products are quite a mouthful so please bare with me as I go through my favourites. I am missing the face mist which is my latest favourite so please leave a comment if you would like a review on that in the future! (I have gone through 2 bottles of it so far!)

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Skincare – ukbeautygems original

The Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

This is the original product upon which the eight hour line was developed. It was originally developed by a physician for burn victims needing a barrier balm to seal in hydration while soothing damaged skin and protecting new forming skin. From then on it has become a cult product and my holy grail.

The scent of this product does get some getting used to and is quite hard to describe. The main ingredients are petrolatum and mineral oil which may be something you stay away from in your routine. However, this thick base wit the addition of heavy castor and corn oils is what makes it an effective barrier cream sealing in hydration and healing and repairing skincare concerns. It also contains salicylic acid which is great for acne.

I haven’t had any issues with breakouts or clogged pores. I love it for cracked lips, dry peeling cuticles, stubborn elbows and knees and wherever I may have more flaky dry skin. It moisturises and really helps my skin texture in those areas! This even comes in a fragrance free formula!

Special tips!

This can be used for keeping your brows in place just use with a spoolie brush and tame those brows. For an intense hand and feet at home manicure treatment, slather all over and wrap in a hot towel to reveal super soft skin! Use this for a natural glow by tapping a little on on the high points of your cheekbones and all over the lid for a on trend glossy lid!

Eight Hour Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment.

This formula couldn’t be more different to the original big sister! It is lightly whipped, but still very moisturising and absorbs into the skin quickly. If like me you notice your dry hands when you get into your car and still need a good grip on the steering wheel this is for you! It still has the signature Eight Hour scent but is a little more on the fresh side. It comes in a convenient flip top lid and is perfect for on the go!

Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil

Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil- ukbeautygems original

This is by far my most favourite discovery and I will definitely be purchasing the full size and taking this with me wherever I go (yes it really is that amazing). It is packed full of beautiful natural non-comedogenic ingredients such as Tsubaki oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, rosemary extract and ginger extract. It sinks into your skin leaving a subtle healthy sheen which I am all for!

The best thing about this oil is that it is beautifully scented with a delicate floral aroma which is not overpowering but also fresh and really enjoyable. It is a very light oil but extremely hydrating and nourishing. It is great to use on your skin, hair and face to hydrate, soothe and moisturise.

This lip balm is great for chapped lips and travel friendly. It is great for on the go and I like to use it on my cuticles and any missed dry spots on my skin. If you cant get hold of this in the tin form or you don’t like the idea of dipping your finger into a balm (some people don’t and that’s fine!) then I would say go for the stick form that is in a lipstick bullet form and equally as good.

Texture shot! ukbeautygems original

My recommendations!

I know skincare has changed, evolved and its exciting to see how what is coming next for the world of skincare. You might be an advocate of natural skincare, or are staying away from petroleum based products etc and so some f these products might not be for you. Personally I have been using this line for years and use each product for specific uses or concerns. I think that the Miracle Oil is my favourite product by far (along with the face mist- both newer products in the line) because of the amazing ingredients and fresh floral scent. It is so versatile and light and can be used for the hair face and body so a great travel companion! I love all the products mentioned because they work for me but that doesn’t mean that they will work for you or that you will love them like I do and that is fine too!

What is your favourite ways to use these products? Comment below!


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