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My Favourite Mists From Pixi and why I always have a backup! Wakeup, Glow and Hydrate the milky way!

The Pixi Mists have been my favourites for many years now and were a game changer in my skincare and makeup routine. Available from drugstores and at a great price considering the ingredients and effectiveness… I always have backups. They have an amazing range of mists for specific skincare issues and unique blends of skincare ingredients they are a must have in everyones routine!

They can be layered on top of each other and I have a favourite for each step of my skincare, haircare (yes thats right!) and makeup routine. So lets get into the mists and what makes them so special!

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The Milky Mist was the first one I ever purchased and i was hooked from my very first spritz! I have dry and sensitive skin and to have an ultra-hydrating mist featuring my favourite moisture-enhancing ingredient: hyaluronic acid is a sure winner. I use this after cleanisg to calm and soothe my skin and during the day to refresh and revitalise my skin. This is all thanks to the amazing blend of black oat, provitamin A and linoleic acid which works to reduce redness and sooth irritation. I love it to set my makeup and melt the powders to give my skin a dewy plump look.

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The Vitamin Wakeup Mist is a great pick me up for dull tired looking skin. The best part? It smells like sweet, juicy orange ice lollies on a hot summers day .I use this throughout the day and love using it in the morning reaping the benefits of refreshing orange blossom water infused with brightening citrus fruit extracts. This mist also has calming lavender and fortifying arginine leaving skin luminous, dewy and plump. Another mist packed with hydrating benefits which I am all for.

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The Glow Mist is a magical potion enriched with 13 natural oils that illuminates the complexion. It is the most amazing mist to give your makeup a super glowy look or fix the mistake of going overboard with the setting powders! It has a stunning range of beautiful ingredients. 13 natural oils that float over a soothing and hydrating mix of propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts. This instantly refreshes, soothes and hydrates the skin and add any lost moisture from a harsh cleanse or mask! You can also spritz into palms and glide through the ends of your hair to smooth frizz and help seal split ends. So its a perfect one to take away on your travels or to pop into your handbag on the go. It has a soft herby scent that is calming and relaxing.

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The mists come in 80ml/ 2.70 fl.oz sizes which is a modest amount for the price. Both the Vitamin Wake up Mist and the Glow mist are prices ad £16 which is a great price for the effectiveness and the ingredients. However the featherweight Milky mist is slightly more pricy at £18 for the same amount (links to a trusted retailer with amazing prices will be linked below!) . The packaging is simple and pretty and I love that in my collection of mists I can quickly pick out my Pixi mists with their beautiful sleek design and signature pistachio green lids!

The mist is super fine giving an even coating of featherweight droplets of dewyness. They are beautifully scented but no overpowering and I just loooove them!

NB: These mists were purchased by me, this is not a sponsored post (as with all my posts) and the photographs are my own!


Mists available from:

Cultbeauty , lookfantastic , Boots at the original prices but keep an eye out for offers (international delivery available)

Sister company to Lookfantastic, check out Skinstore as they have both the milky and glow mist for only £11.90 each all the time!

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Mists From Pixi and why I always have a backup! Wakeup, Glow and Hydrate the milky way!”

  1. These sound amazing! I live in the us and don’t think I have seen them before but I will definitely be keep my eyes out for them! How long does a bottle normally last you?

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    1. They really are great and last at least 3 months depending on how many sprays you like to use and if it’s the only mist you use. I use lots of mists together so it’s hard to say! They are available from the pixi USA website and from Target.


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