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Review, before and after of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Its a keeper!

Benefit Roller lash was recommended to me by my sister as she knows I like a mascara that gives me length and good curl. I was hesitant at first because Mascara is a funny thing and what works for one person may not work for another. Everyone has a preference of the type of wand they like, and what they want to achieve overall. I haven’t really tried Benefit mascaras before this despite the hype around them (I know!), but I am so glad I finally took the plunge and bought this.

It claims to be “super-curling and lifting” and I am not disappointed. Being a curly hair girl myself my lashes naturally have a little lift to them, but this mascara gives my lashes the wow factor I was looking for as I never wear false lashes. The pigment to this is extraordinary and the jet black colour gives definition to every little lash.

Above is an image of my lashes without any makeup (yes I braved it and i have no concealer on either!) I by no means have bad lashes, they do have length but are a little flat.

Below is an image of my eyelashes with one coat of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and look at the difference!

My Lashes have more length, look more defined and separated and have an amazing curl to them that holds up all day without an issue. What I like the most about this mascara is the fact that my lashes still feel flexible to the touch rather than crunchy, however it is a little heavy and I definitely feel that I have mascara on but its nothing that really bothers me too much.

It is a little on the pricy side and retails for £22 which is quite a lot when you consider that it has a expiry date of six months (and I would recommend to stick to that as the eye area is so delicate!) It has a net weight of 8.5g, the packaging is well thought out and secure so you don’t really need to worry about the mascara drying out. It has a good texture that is neither to thin or dry and builds up really nicely to get your desired effect.

The wand itself is curved and consists of rubberised bristles of different lengths. This is the source of the magic… the wand. It grips each lash and coats them fully and evenly, the curved shape gives you the lift and length you require and overall its very well designed. Especially as I have always preferred big fluffy bristles when it comes to mascaras and tend to stay away form the rubberised kind. This has converted me!

The rubberised lid is really cute both in the colour and effect but what it adds to the overall aesthetic look to it. Benefit have done an amazing job with this aspect of their design as even without really looking into the details of it you can identify what it is a mile away. The rubberised end gives comfort and grip making it easy to apply your mascara effortlessly!

Overall it is a great mascara and I am loving it so much I will be buying it again when it runs out. Check out the links below to see where you can find them and what deals are available. Let me know what your thoughts are on this mascara and your favourites!

Thank you for reading xxx

N.B All opinions and images are my own, this is not a sponsored post (I haven’t done any on my blog) and I purchased this product myself (as always) x


All beauty have an amazing deal on the “roller lash stash” with an additional mini mascara for only £17.80 (19% off)

Amazon have the full size at a good price of £20.99 with free delivery (affiliate link) or the mini size which is great to try before you commit to the full size

John Lewis have this on a great deal at just £18.70

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