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Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette Review and Swatches… Just Delicious!

I love eyeshadow Palettes, they seem to be a particular weakness of mine. I have to be really selective about what I buy otherwise I would get more than I could physically handle (I can’t justify the amount I have already spent on my little eyelids!).

So my selection process goes something like this… do I have anything similar? The Fenty Beauty Morrocon spice palette has some really unique pops of colours and a range of beautiful finishes. Every colour has something a little extra special about it and the undertones to each shade make is wearable, fun and beautiful. The packaging is just so unique and gorgeous. The layout of the eyeshadows is also unique and may take some getting used to however, once you do your creative side will really shine!

Do I need it? Do I ever! But this has something for everyone. Theres are a range of colours to play with and you can try new looks without feeling too risky and the outcome always has a wow factor! There are rustic warm rich colours, beautiful metallics and shimmers, amazing smooth mattes, cool colours that won’t make you look washed out or ashy and stunning deep smokey colours. It has a lot to offer. The colours apply beautifully and are very smooth, they blend like a dream and are long lasting (I do however use a primer with all my eyeshadows)

My only criticism is that it doesnt have a matte black to add depth (although the dark brown in the palette and other deeper colours are a good substitute) and I always question a palette that doesnt offer a cream matte to highlight with or set your base with. However I don’t mind the added step of dipping into another palette for this.

The formula in this is beautiful especially the satins and metallics. They are super soft and buttery and translate beautifully on the lids. the colours are really special too and look great on a range of skin tones. I love the colours on my medium/ tan skin tone. This palette retails for £42 and is available online on their website and at Harvey Nichols in the UK (linked below). 15 out of the 16 pans hold 0.9g of product and strangely one only has 0.7g of product. Maybe it is a lighter formula or not as densely packed but all the pan sizes are the same so I am bit puzzled by that. Onto the Swatches. I have grouped these into formula types so bare with me x

Here are the mattes they are all very soft and smooth and can be built up. Shisha Smoke – is a Matte blue grey

Fez up- is a matte burgundy plum with a cool undertone

Henna Sea – Matte deep cocoa brown. This can add depth to any look.

Quicksand – This is more of a Satin and is a warm peachy papaya.

Saffron – Matte rich brick red. This one is intense in colour but also a little more stiff to the touch. however still blends beautifully.

Spice Trip – Matte burnt sienna. Its a lovely reddy brown

Cumin Get It – Matte burnt orange terracotta

Souq It 2 Me – Rich Satin smoky navy. Almost black with a blue tinge.

Evil Genie – Turquoise pearly/metallic.

Sahara Stunna – Soft pink with a gold shift pearl.

Nuts N Dates – Satin/ metallic eggplant. Very rich and deep

Desert Baked – Metallic copper bronze that is very soft na caramel in tone.

Mo’rockin Ice – Iridescent icy pink with pink shimmer/ small flecks of glitter

Mirage – Metallic rosy bronze. This is a unique stunning colour

Ca$Ablanca – Peach gold with gold shimmer

Marrakush – Metallic green gold

Overall this palette is ukbeautygems approved and i would definitely recommend getting it if you are on the market for a new eyeshadow palette. This is my first font beauty purchase and i am definitely not disappointed. I can’t to try other amazing products in the diverse range of colours they offer! What is your font beauty must haves? would love some recommendations!


Available at Harvey Nichols for £42

Available at Fenty Beauty for $59. They have various offers for international delivery and even have a value kit featuring the palette!

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