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#Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lip Pencil Review shades 504, 517, 532 and 533. Where has this been my whole life?

Lip Pencils are my current obsession but they can be a tricky product to match your preferences. Like other makeup products lip pencils or liners can be very subjective in terms of the type of pencil you prefer. However if you love a soft, creamy, almost lipstick like pencil that is richly pigmented and a dream to apply then you are in for a treat!

Finding a range of colours to suit different skin tones has been something that I have struggled with especially when it comes to drugstore brands and even higher end lip pencils don’t always have many options within the different colour families. Not to mention the price point isn’t always accessible to all, and if you’ve saved up for a particular one you’ve had your eye on it better be “the one”.

At only £2.50 a pencil and 36 amazing shades to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Having a choice of nudes to choose from for my medium-tan skin tone is so refreshing and exciting! This precision lip pencil has a soft-matte finish which I absolutely love especially as I like to wear these pencils in the traditional was by outlining my lips under a lipstick or on their own.

Although the nudes above look similar they have different undertones.

  • 504- Rosey Biscuit is a warm peachy nude that would look stunning on a range of skin tones. this goes on smoothly with great coverage.
  • 532- Hazelnut is a mid-tone warm rich brown. Again has a nice smoothness on application which is consistent with all if them.
  • 533- Light Rosy Brown is mauvey nude with a brown undertone which I love. This is a great nude for mid-tone tan skin to wear alone. A darker nude if your paler skin toned.
  • 517- Burgundy is a rich, deep, gothic vibed berry colour that is more on the purply end of the spectrum. Although very cream this is slightly patchy on the lips. But this type of colour is tricky to get consistent application with.

The packaging is sleek, ergonomically designed for ease of use and my favourite part is the accurately coloured bottom of the pencil makes it easy to pick out the colour you need on the go! The pencils are numbered and i do prefer to have shade names as reference but thats really my only complaint.

This is a long wearing pencil that has a wooden barrel that you will need to sharpen quite often. The soft, creamy formulation does mean that you will see yourself going through your favourite colours quite quickly. However with the price point being so affordable and the overall look so stunning this is definitely a ukbeautygems approved affordable lip pencil.

Comment below on what your favourite lip pencils are and your thoughts on the Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencils if you’ve had the pleasure of trying them!


Go on to find your perfect shade!

FYI Kiko currently have a 30% off discount over a range of amazing products in store!

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