Valentines: the products that make me feel more lovely!

Valentines day is all about love, appreciation, and expressing that love using small or grand gestures. We might not all have a significant other that can make us feel special, however practising self love in all circumstances is the best way to express unconditional love for yourself.

Everyone deserves to feel good and a pamper day is the best way to go about doing this! So here are a few thing I use and indulge in that fit every budget when it comes to feeling good!

The Foreo Luna is a facial spa massager and cleanser all in one that gives my face a beautiful radiant glow, and feel like I’m giving my face a treat! the silicone bristles are antibacterial and gently cleanse away dirt and grime whilst also exfoliating the skin. the best thing about it is that you can use it with the cleanser of your choice whether its an oil, gel or cream cleanser!

After cleansing i love to use The Pixi skin treats nourishing Rose and elderflower tonic. Not only does it tie in nicely with the valentines pink theme (I know but its so pretty!) but it smells beautiful and has a subtle but not overpowering rose scent. It nourishes and calms the skin and beautifully preps it for whatever skin treats you might want to add on next!

An eye mask is always a treat and helps prep the undereye skin beautifully for a glam makeup look. Alternatively put on one of these soothing and hydrating Lotus eye masks from Sephora after a perfect chick flick that results in puffy eyes from all those happy and sad tears!

There is nothing quite like a good soak in the bath to feel good and let your worries float away. There are so many amazing bath bombs and oils on the market that its hard to know what to do with it all. When in doubt I always revert back to my simple but effective use of Pink Himalayan bath salts to detoxify, help with bloating and to leave your skin feeling soft. Add a few rose petals for a bit of luxury and essential oils for a special pampering treat!

I love a good scrub and its best after you’ve prepped your skin with a much needed soak. My absolute favourite is the soap and glory Breakfast scrub. It smells of delicious warm baked treats with oats, sugar, banana and almond & honey extracts need I say more! Moisturising ingredients like shea butter leave your skin soft but this is a heavy duty, scrubby scrub with sugar, oats, sea salt and organic cupuaco bio scrubs that leave you super touchably soft and smooth.

There is nothing like a good book, and while I love the smell and feel of a good paperback, my kindle paperweight has been a loyal companion wherever I go. There are so many good self love books on the market and I am all for learning from others and their experiences to help me grow. I am currently reading Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King and it is beautifully written and so inspiring!

Valentines day should never make you feel bad about what you may not have, or what you think you need because honestly all you need is you and you are amazing! Loving yourself a little more and being attentive to what makes you feel good can do incredible things for your soul! Comment below and tell me what you love doing on Valentines day, what makes you happy and the products that are your special treats!


Click on the links below for offers currently on the products mentioned (no affiliate links and these products are not sponsored!

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The soap and glory website have 3 for 2 offer on their website

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