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Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush Review in Warm Cocoa…an absolute stunner!

Bobbi Brown Brightening Blush review in Warm Cocoa: part of the wine and chocolate collection!


The Bobbi Brown bronze brightening blush has a frost finish which I was initially a bit hesitant about. However, it had a pleasantly soft luminous effect on the skin without being harsh or sparkly. The formula is as you would expect from Bobbi Brown, smooth and soft, easy to apply exactly where you want it and blends beautifully. lt is formulated with a blend of sheer powders and micro pearls that is said to give the skin a naturally radiant glow…and it does exactly that!


The packaging is weighty and luxurious. It is a metallic gold casing with a magnetic closure (which I am obsessed with). It has smooth edges and is compact enough to take with you. It also has a good sized mirror for touch ups (or check ups) on the go. I love the embossed logo on the top of it too…it is just perfection.


The Blush is split into three distinctive strips of colours that can be blended together and swept over the face or used separately (using a smaller brush). I have used this both ways and personally prefer the effect the three mixed together give. Saying that, I do like using this as a bronzer using the darker colours and have used this as an eyeshadow palette using the lighter colour as a brow bone highlighter and the darker colours in the crease which give an equally effective look. ( I love multi-tasking with products especially when I am in a hurry!) The colours don’t get muddied or mixed together giving you complete control on how you choose to use it.


Being medium to dark complexion I loved using this as a blush/bronze to carve out the check area giving my face a glowy flush of colour. It gave the perfect combination of colour and glow to my cheeks without looking overdone. It didn’t emphasise pores or imperfections and the colour wore well. It is easy to use and has just enough pigmentation to work with easily and build up colour to the desired effect, but not so much where you make mistakes to the point of no return! It is a beautiful warm bronzy almost deep peachy colour which is great during the months where your skin doesn’t get much sun and is in need of a pick me up (however equally gorgeous on a tanned sun kissed face!). I would say this product could be used with a range of skin tones giving different effects and used for different purposes. I don’t think it is accurately labeled, as it sits between a bronzer and blush depending on your skin tone. It is still gorgeous and does amazing things for your skin!

Overall this is a beautiful product and I can see myself getting lots of use out of it.

Where can I get this beauty?


Bobbi Brown Website– £35 in stock (sign up to their newsletter for 15% off your first order)

Debenhams– £35 in stock

Harrods– £35 in stock

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