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Kiehl’s Jeremyville Ltd Edition Hand Cream Set Review. Get Your Hands On it NOW!!!

I purchased this limited edition hand cream set when I saw it on offer on Feelunique (It is still available at a great price, details are posted at the end of this blog). After falling in love with the Crème de corp and hearing amazing things in general about the brands skincare range, I was more than happy to give these a go especially as they come in a travel friendly trio. I like to keep one in my bag, one by the sink (essential after washing the dishes which lets be honest is a slow death for the delicate skin on your hands!) and one by my bedside table as a night treatment.

The weather has been cold and harsh and I admit I often neglect my hands. They go through a lot too, washing constantly and usually with harsh antibacterial soaps (inevitable when you are constantly changing nappies , wiping little noses etc), washing dishes (I am not good with washing up gloves) and they are the one part of your body that is constantly exposed to all the elements.


The thing that drew me initially to these little lifesavers was the vibrant and festive outer packaging. Yes Spring is making an entrance but who could resist the cute hollies, baubles and stars? Obviously not me. The Kiehl’s and Jeremyville Holiday Collection collaboration was a series of cheerful, winter wonderland themed holiday designs. The packaging of the actual tube is more classic and sophisticated and what you would associate Kiehl’s with.


These were on sale for (and still are) for £12.25 for the trio (reduced by 30%) and although they are small at only 30ml per tube a little goes a very long way! It is rich and emollient but doesn’t leave your hands slippery or greasy which for me is an essential feature of hand creams especially if you’re  on the go and need to write, drive, type etc. It does however coat your hands well enough to feel incredibly soft and hydrated. It has moisturising Shea Butter, repairing Vitamin E, soothing Aloe and Apricot oil. It comes in three limited edition scents including cool Coriander, luxurious Lavender and revitalizing Grapefruit.


I am personally not a huge fan of Lavender scents however due to their relaxing properties I have been trying to embrace them and add them to my skincare and bath time routine wherever possible. Although initially this does have a strong hit of Lavender it is followed by a freshness and sweetness that is a welcoming addition. What I love about this scent is that the Lavender quickly becomes a soft undertone to the cream and doesn’t linger.


I absolutely love the Coriander scent which is fresh and feminine and very slightly herby but more on the mint side. It is juicy and delicious and a great unique addition to the cream family. I mean when have you ever heard of a coriander hand cream? Maybe I am bit biased because its my absolute favourite herb in the world!


This is my favourite of the bunch. I love everything grapefruit and this is no exception. It is zesty and fruity and has a real zing to it which is really refreshing. Almost mouth watering.

Overall I would say this little hand cream trio is a great way to add moisture into your hand care routine. It is rich, velvety and easily absorbed with the addition of quirky scents. I do prefer a snap back lid as opposed to the screw on lid that it comes with particularly when you apply such a product regularly. However the screw on top does ensure that the lid doesn’t accidentally pop open and create a huge spillage everywhere so I can’t really complain.

With this trio still on offer I would say it is worth the spend and would make a great little gift for sharing with friends and family!

Where Can I get My hands on this beauty?

Feelunique– 30% off sale £12.25 RRP £17.50 (In Stock)

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