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Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask… So much more than just another mask!

This is a must have product raved about in the beauty world and for very good reason too. It was super difficult to get hold of if you were living in the UK and when it launched it was constantly out of stock which made me desperately want it in my life all that much more. I finally got hold of it on (at a very good price) and was waiting in anticipation for it to arrive (does anyone else follow tracking information of parcels like a complete stalker?)

The Peter Thomas Roth masks are some of my absolute favourites, the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask was my first purchase and my collection has grown ever since. I use this as a traditional mask for my face but also in ways that you won’t necessarily find in the directions. What I can say hand on heart is that this little jar of miracles is worth every penny! I appreciate the fact that it comes in a jar/tub so I can scoop out exactly how much I need without wasting any (it is precious stuff!) I also feel better knowing that the ingredients are well preserved as they are secured with a plastic seal and then a screw on lid.


The colour is a gorgeous warming autumnal orange (someone needs to make an eyeshadow exactly this shade of orange and give it a luscious pumpkiny name!) It smells of everything pumpkin pie dreams are made of. The sweet and spicy yummy scent is so comforting especially during the colder, greyer days. However if you are sensitive to smells, be warned it is a bit overpowering and doesn’t get fainter during the duration of the treatment. If you can get passed that (I personally love it) the results on your skin will be worth it.


This 3-in-1 skin intensive resurfacer treatment targets dull, dry skin and gives your skin a new lease of life. It is packed with naturally derived pumpkin enzymes that sort of gently ‘eat away’ dulling dead surface skin cells. The added alpha hydroxy acids (with gentle peeling properties) and aluminium oxide crystals (think microdermabrasion treatment) really boost this masks ability to even out skin tone, refine the skins texture and reveal a glowing, smooth and fresh complexion.


The best part about this mask is that it hardly takes up any precious time for those of us that hardly have a minute to spare and it delivers results almost instantly! You apply a thin layer onto clean skin and massage in circular motions with wet fingertips. You then leave it to do its magic for 3-7 minutes (depending on how sensitive your skin is) and then you rinse it away. I usually put it on in the mornings, brush my teeth and then rinse off. Its that easy! You can feel the texture of the mask satisfyingly thicken with all the dead skin that was unnecessarily sitting on your skin (gross but true, just saying!) I would avoid the eye area with vigilance. I remember giving this to my mother-in-law who exclusively used it around her eyes (for 20 minutes!!!) hoping to get rid of her dark circles. It wasn’t a good idea and didn’t end well. Take my word for it…don’t…just don’t.

It does an equally amazing job on rough knees and elbows (although on these areas you can leave the mask on for a little longer) revealing smoother softer skin. I use this mask before a special occasion as I have found that makeup applies flawlessly and with minimal effort. Your skin may get a little red after use (for me this is only for a little while) and I like to double mask with a cooling, hydrating gel mask such as the Peter Thomas Roth Blue Algae or Detoxing Cucumber mask. Let me know what other Peter Thomas Roth Masks you are intrigued by and would like a review of!

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Where can I get this beauty you ask?

 Star Buy: BeautyBay– A set of all the Thomas Roth Masks in 14ml tubes for an amazing price of only £19 with free postage. It’s the best way to see which one you love and worth investing in.

BeautyBay– Full size £35 Free delivery

Cult beauty– £39.50 (excluding postage)

Selfridges– £38.00 (excluding postage)

Most of the sites above ship Internationally. For those of you in the states this mask is stocked in both Sephora and Ulta

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