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The Balm Appetit Eyeshadow Palette Review…

The Balm Cosmetics have some of the most amazing blushes and highlighters and their eyeshadows are no different! Cute vintage packaging oozing with personality and each product comes to life with characters you instantly warm up to.


The palette is based around a cheeky food theme with shade names such as “Bruce Schetta” and if you love food as much as I do, they will definately put a smile on your face. The outer packaging is made of cardboard, it is slim and sturdy and has an extra protective sleeve that you can keep or throw away. It looks like a retro menu at a burger joint which I love!


The inside (and yes things got a little bit crazy and a bit messy…sorry!) is super adorable with a cut out cover in keeping with the theme of food. Eat your heart out. Something about food makes this such an indulgent palette a bit like comfort food! So if you are like me and just want to dig in beware the packaging does stain easily, however if you were a little patient (unlike me) you would soon see there is an easier way to get to the shadows rather than trying to get in between the little letters!


For those of you who find plastic sheets with shade names on them annoying or hate having to check the back of the palette repeatedly, you will be glad to know that the shade names are neatly printed underneath each eyeshadow. The layout is simple and accessible and you get a total of nine shadows that are generously sized. This palette is overall more cool toned with a warm orange (a bit randomly) thrown in.

There is a good mix of matte and shimmer shades and you can create some beautiful soft eye looks or some steely smokey looks. The texture of the shades are beautifully soft (there is a little bit of kick back so be sure to tap off your brush to get rid of any excess). The application is smooth and pigmented and as you would expect from the balm the shadows are buildable and blend out very easily. 

SO, let’s get to the colours!

Row 1, The mattes: these colours are really pretty and creamy you have a beautiful unique pink, a great highlighter and a beautiful crease colour.


Bruce Schetta– Matte light cool toned creamy peach.

Mac Encheese– Matte cool toned mauvey pink.

Ray Sinbread– Matte cool toned mid brown.

Row 2,  The shimmers (or foils as The Balm describes them): These are stunning and give a real pop of colour, they are soft and buttery and apply beautifully. These are definitely the show stoppers of this palette.


Tate R. Tots– Shimmer champagne rose gold.

Rocky RoadIcecream– Shimmer purpley mauvey taupe (I don’t know what else to say!)

Chris P. Bacon– Shimmer burnt orangey copper.

Row 3, The satins: these colours are again really pretty but not as intense as you would imagine. However they are buildable and work well layered on top of a primer.


Hal Apeño-Poppers– Satin off white soft champagne.

Artie Chokedip– Satin true elephant grey (that’s just what it reminds me of!) with a soft sheen.

Alfred O’Pasta-Satin dark greyish black with silver sparkles.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall this is a decent palette and worth the price if you find a good bargain. I was drawn to the colours in the palette and the cute packaging totally won me over however I will say that the quality of the shadows are not as consistent as you would like them to be across the shades. The shimmers (or foils) are the best of the bunch, the mattes are also beautiful however you do have to work a little more with the satins to get decent colour payoff and for the sheen to truly show. I love the balm and this hasn’t let me down so far, I have enjoyed working with it and have created some pretty looks so far!

Where can I get my hands on this?

Debenhams£35 (in stock)

Lookfantastic£34 (in stock)

Cloud10beauty£31.96 Currently on offer (in stock)

HQhair£34 (in stock)

Those of you that live in the USA I have heard that the Balm do great sales on Haute Look so keep an eye out for it there!

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