Welcome to ukbeautygems: reviews of all things I love!



Welcome to ukbeautygems, a place where I share honest reviews of all the things I love! I am going to try and make this first post insightful yet short and sweet (wish me luck!)

Beauty products from the packaging, layout, textures, smells (… the list is endless) have always intrigued me. I soon realised that I spent a lot of time looking at new releases, new trends and techniques and spent hours finding special offers and deals for anyone about to splash out on a product I knew I could find cheaper…and it didn’t stop there!

I felt that at times I got stuck in a bit of a rut with makeup using the same things in a rush everyday, products I knew were foolproof and worked but at the same time neglecting a lot of other products I had and having a bit of fear of branching out away from the comfortable. SO…I started an Instagram account and did mini reviews there. I found myself taking more time with makeup, enjoying it more but also using new things (I shamefully hadn’t even opened!) and rediscovering old favourites!

I was talking about beauty a bit obsessively and it had become a huge part of my daily life! Having four sisters (who also all love beauty products), gave me an outlet to share things that worked, the best offers available, when sales started and how to find the best products to cater for their different skin tones, textures, preferences and budgets.  They have been my biggest source of inspiration, support and encouragement and have given me the courage I needed to start my blogging journey. (Thank you guys I love you xxx)

What I hope to do is inspire others and give in depth reviews of things I know I love and that really work (I am absolutely obsessed with eyeshadows and palettes so be prepared to see a lot of those). I know that having honest reviews to refer to before making a purchase is the most valuable resource you can access. I also think whatever your budget, if there is something you really want it should be accessible. I hope that by keeping you updated on the best offers around I can achieve this. If you are looking for a specific product that you are dying to get your hands on leave a comment and I will try my best to see what I can do!


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